November 14, 2006

When the Woman opened the window in her office for me, I thought it was a very good idea. It's kind of nice out today, not too cold and not too warm, and the fresh air felt pretty decent on my fur. I lounged on top of the climbing tree and enjoyed it, even after she and the Man left to go do whatever it is people do when they can't be bothered to stay home.

But then a breeze zipped through the screen, and it blew the door shut.

Now, this wasn't necessarily a bad thing. I was in the room where both climbing towers are, the special kitty lounge, the food, and the water. And Buddah wasn't in there, so he couldn't get to any of it. So I laid back and enjoyed the solitude and fresh air...

...until I realized that the litterbox was not in there with me. I had everything I needed, except a place to pee. And you know what happens when you suddenly realize there's no place to pee?

Well, then you start feeling like you have to pee.

And then it seems like the People have been gone for a very long time.

So I started to meow, hoping someone would hear me and come in and open the door for me. About a bajrillion hours later the people came home and heard me, and the Man let me out. I was going to give them a piece of my mind, but the Woman kept saying she was sorry, and to make it up to me she got out the crunchy treats.

So I suppose it's ok.

But I need a litter box in that room, just in case...

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