November 18, 2006


  • The Woman isn't letting me read the stuff for the book yet, but I was in here when she was working on it today and one time she snorted a laugh so hard soda came out of her nose.
  • I'm pretty sure it had been a couple hours since she had a drink, so it musta been a really funny thing.
  • Buddah didn't like breakfast today; he looked at the Man with his big Please Daddy Give Me Something Else eyes and the Man was so tired that not only did he open another can, he gave ME extra food, too.
  • Buddah gets two points for that.
  • Tonight I was coming out of the little box room and I wanted to go in the living room to sit on the Woman, but Buddah was at the end of the hall in stalking position, his butt wiggling. I never made it to the livin room.
  • Buddah loses three points for that.
  • The Man weighed me yesterday. He told the Woman what the scale said and the she said "Oh, Max, no..."
  • And that's all we'll say about that.

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