November 06, 2006

Apparently, jumping on Buddah and sitting on him until he cries like a little girl is unacceptable behavior.

Apparently, the Woman thinks I really care that this is unacceptable behvior.

Apparently, she thinks that if she points her mighty finger at me and says things like "That is NOT nice!" that I'm actually paying attention.

Apparently, she doesn't know me very well, even after all these years.


We Are The Kitties is just a working title for the book, so in the next few days the Woman is going to hijack my blog and ask for title suggestions. So start thinking!

She is also going to want suggestions for where we want any profits to go. Like the SPCA or something.

Supposedly she is going email the Publishing Agreement to those who have already submitted stuff in the next day or so. Supposedly.

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