November 03, 2006

Book Stuff

  • Don't forget, the deadline for submitting to the Best Book Ever Written is November 15.
  • So far it's looking to be a fairly short book, so if you have anything, even filler material, poetry, haiku, it would be most welcome.
  • We can use pictures, too (they'll be converted to grayscale) so if you have a good kitty picture, send it in a HUGE format (like, the biggest your camera will take) and send it to the Woman at The pictures have to be rendered to 300dpi, so if they're not already 300 dpi and they're not big, they'll wind up realllly small.
  • She hasn't forgotten about the Publishing Agreement, she's just slow.
  • I wrote 2 things and Buddah wrote 2 things so far. I want to write one more but my brain hurts.

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