June 22, 2006

"Max," the Woman said, "I feel bad that I forgot your birthday."

As well you should.

"You know, just a few days ago I was telling myself that I needed to remember, and then I forgot anyway. I'm worthless, I know."

As least you finally admit it.

"I can make it up to you."

I highly doubt it.

"We bought you something..."

It better be new People.

"What's your favorite thing in the whole world?"

Food. Duh.

"Your favorite treat of all time."



Lots of shrimp?

"A whole shrimp ring! You can have shrimp for more than one snack!"

Hell, I'll even share with Buddah!

"And because you've been so good, I won't even give you your pill tonight."

No chunk?

She might be redeemable after all.

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