June 15, 2006


This is hard work.

I'm at the Calico Girls where I handed off the torch to Mistrie, and am staying here for a bit to rest up and enjoy the company. Heh. Girl kitties! And they had FOOD for me! They aren't stingy with it like SOME people.

I got the torch from Diva Kitty at the Jelly Belly Factory. I let the Woman tag along to take some pictures, but let me tell you, that was a bad idea.

Here we are in front of the factory, with Mattingly in the middle! But all the Woman got was our ears... =sigh= She didn't even manage to get anyone else's ears in!

After wandering around some, we saw this guy. They couldn't pay me enough, nope...

And look who else was there! I'm not sure whose ears those are; it's either me or Diva Kitty.

Someone tell the Woman I'm staying here tonight, so no chunks for me!!! I can teleport back in time for breakfast!

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