June 25, 2006

The People keep whining about how hot it is outside, how it's miserable going out there, like getting slapped in the face with a hot oven.

This demonstrates the collective human field of intelligence. It's wicked hot out, so what so they do?

They keep going out.

Stay inside! There's cool air blowing thingies inside! Inside you can sit in a chair right under one of those cool air blowing thingies, watch junque on TV or read a book, and not suffer through the misery of heat.

It's so simple, a toddler could think of it.

But no, they keep going out, and then complain about it when they get home.

They do not have my sympathies.

Well...unless they're going out to get stuff for me, then I'll feel a tiny bit bad for them.

Oh! And guess what! Only six more months until Santa comes again!

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