May 18, 2008


It really happened.

An entire article about ME in The Reporter! And it's an awesome article; you know something is awesome when the fact that I can poop at will is mentioned. And the lady that interviewed me us says I'm "sardonic." I'm pretty sure that means "amazing."

But most important: it's official. I am Blogging's Bad Boy. Phear me.

I hope people who read the article come to visit my blog. Then they can learn not just all about the Glory of Max, but the entire cat blogosphere. That's one thing the Woman didn't stress enough, about all the other blogging kitties and how much they try to help each other. Or how hysterically funny some of you are.

Now surely the Woman will open a fresh bag of crunchy treats and give me at least half of them. I deserve that much, right?

If she won't, that's all right. I know where she keeps them and I can pry open that drawer with my mighty paw. I think that bag might have to meet a toothy death...

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