May 31, 2008

Hey! We got some really spiffy hammocks from Forty Paws and that little black monster got to them before I did and he took the red one! I'm supposed to get the red one! I have the red collar, therefore anything red is mine.

Hey...I want that one

He has the blue collar, he's supposed to get the blue one. How can he not understand the logic in this? It's, like, a LAW.

Oh, and to make things worse, when I went to file a complaint with the People, he got off the red one and got onto the blue one, and now both of them are all covered in Buddah funk. I want the Woman to wash the red one to get all that Buddah funk off, but she just sighed deeply and told me to get over it. WTH?

Maybe if I rub some kitty crack on it...if that doesn't get rid of his funk, at least I won't care after a good five minutes...

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