May 11, 2008

All right, for Mother's Day--even though the Woman is technically NOT my mother--I let her sleep in. Let me tell you, that was difficult for me to do, because she has this nice (ok, as nice as you can get on the cheap from BigBoxStoreOnline) new headboard that looks like of like a bookcase and it's like it was made for me to sit on top of...and, well, while I sit there I can reach down and poke her face with my paw. But I didn't, not this morning. I wanted to, at the very least I wanted to get p there and pull the curtain open because that just annoys the bejeebers out of her, but I didn't. I let her sleep in.

That's how wonderful I am. I think I deserve crunchy treats for my thoughtfulness.

edit: I made an LOLcat picture.

funny pictures

I think you can actually rate it here but I'm not sure...

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