May 15, 2008

Is it just my People? Does anyone else have people that apparently whip up a batch of Stupid and feast on it for lunch? Because I'm pretty sure that's what mine did today.

For whatever reason, there's a giant bathtub in the back yard. It was here when we moved in, so I didn't immediately make the connection to it being there to the intelligence of the Man and the Woman. Whoa, thinking about it, there's two outside bathtubs. One is freaking huge and the other is smaller but it bubbles. So that's twice the weirdness out there, but that still doesn't explain my people.

Today they both went outside and took baths in the giant tub. With most of their clothes on. Odder yet, I think as the Woman was taking her bath she vacuumed the inside of the giant tub. I chit you not! I watched her from the window--she hooked that sucker up and walked back and forth, looking down as she worked. And even more baffling...when she was done bathing and vacuuming they covered the bath tub with a blanket. It's over a hundred freaking degrees out there! It's not like it's going to get cold or anything!

When she came into the house I was by the door and she said, "You're not going out there. It's not for kitties."

No! Really??? had to be something they ate, because I can't think of another explanation.

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