May 22, 2008

The People were outside this evening; the Man was taking another bath outside and the Woman was vacuuming it again, but this time she stood outside. I heard a lot of whining about how much stuff the wind blew into the giant tub last night and how it's going to take more than one cleaning to get it all. They really could avoid all that if they would just take their baths inside like normal people. But the thing that made me really question their intelligence was hearing the Woman ponder why frogs keep jumping into the pool.

Well duh. Frogs like water.

The frogs need to find a better water source, though, because they can jump in but they can't get out, and evidently they can't swim for days on end. The Man has pulled 3 dead frogs out, but tonight he rescued one, and that made them happy.

And last night...major wind storm. The whole house was shaking and Buddah went nuts he was so scared. He even woke the Woman up with his royal freak out, and ran crying to her like a little girl. I would have made fun of him, but she took him back to bed with her, and by morning it didn't seem worth the effort.

But yeah, big brave I-Wanna-Be-The-Big-Kitty just about peed himself over the wind. I'll remind him the next time he decides to take me on.

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