December 25, 2007

WOW! Lookit Santa Brought Me!

Look! Look what I Got!


Open, open, open Hey, kitty crack!

We got lots of fun stuffs. I got the fire thingies and kitty crack toys and crunchy treats and fluffy tribble toys, and Buddah got this really tall scratching post and crunchy treats and stuff, too. I think the People got good stuff, too, but I was tired by the time they opened their presents. I do know the Woman got a damned new clicky box that takes pictures even faster, and you know who she'll be annoying with that thing.

It was a really nice day. Everyone slept in, got to see what Santa brought and opened presents, we napped while the People went out to a movie, then we played some more, got lots of crunchy treats...and the Man says there's SHRIMP for later! REAL LIVE FRESH DEAD SHRIMP!

I can't wait for them to turn on the fire food thingy for me, I'm planning a nice long snooze right in front of it, and I might even let the Woman point that new clicky box at me.

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