December 02, 2007

The Woman doesn't think the girl kitty's people can be found, and she's starting to think that maybe the girl kitty was abandoned. She has fleas, and is either full or worms or she's pregnant...but she's also very young, maybe 6 months old.

And I know lots of you think I need a sister, and the Woman would be all for that except for a big giant problem (and no, not me eating her.) Remember when we got Buddah and I got so sick? All the blood that stabby guy stole from me showed a problem with my pancreas, which could get much worse if I'm under stress. And if it was bad enough, it could kill me.

A little sister sounds fun on the surface, but if having her here really stressed me out...well, the People kinda like me and don't want their oooh what a pretty girl, we must keep her! feelings be what sends me to the Rainbow Bridge.

Now...the Man has this friend he's known for 1300 years, or at least 15. Maybe 10. She has a neighbor who would like to have a girl kitty. They met the girl kitty yesterday evening, and he spent last night talking it over with his wife and kids, and consulted with their other cat, and they decided that yes, this girl kitty (who apparently looks quite a bit like their other kitty) would fit their family just fine.

The details haven't been worked out, but as of right now she's still in the rumbly bike room and will probably see a stabby person tomorrow or the next day. She might go to her Forever Home tonight, but we don't know yet. But she will have a very good Forever Home, because the Man's friend is a very dedicated animal person and would not suggest a bad home for her.

The Woman would like to keep the girl kitty, she really would, and it's going to be very hard for her to say goodbye, but she knows that even though we sometimes pick the people we want as our forever family, sometimes we pick the people who will keep us safe and who will find us the forever family we're supposed to have.'s not sad that she's not going to be my sister. It's a happy thing that she'll have a forever family, with her own built in brother, and sticky people to boot!

UPDATE 3 Hours Later:The little girl kitty is now at her Forever Home, and she has a name! The female sticky little person there named her Snowball, and the Man says it's a good thing fur grows back because Snowball is going to be petted so much that she'll probably get a bald spot. And...AND...she got to briefly meet Charlie, their boy cat. Charlie sniffed at her and was like "All right, she's cool." There was no hissing and spitting. Everyone fell in love with her, and tomorrow she goes to the stabby place for a checkup and scheduling for her lady-gardenectomy.

The Woman is really going to miss her (and she admits she was trying to think of a way to keep her but realized she was just being selfish) but knowing that Snowball is going to have more love than she'll know what to do with AND her big brother kitty seemed to think she's okay right off that bat makes it all right.

And you know what? The Man's friend who told him about her neighbor who wanted a kitty? She wanted Snowball to have a Forever Home so much that she said she would pay for the stabby guy to look at Snowball and do her lady-gardenectomy. That's someone special, and a real friend to kitties and woofies everywhere. Snowball is going to be one lucky kitty!

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