December 04, 2007

Buddah and I decided that since the Woman was a little sad about not keeping Snowball that we would give her lots of attention. But does she appreciate it? =sigh= Her punt people brain just can't comprehend that we're being NICE to her, not trying to be furry little attention whores. Buddah jumped on the bed last night and pushed her book aside so he could grace her with his butt plopped down on her neck--just to make it easy to reach his head and chin to skritch. She actually grumbled "Hey, I was reading that." So? And tonight I tried to sit on her lap and rub her face with my paw, and she liked it for about 5 minutes and then she got up and got out the sucky monster! How is that for gratitude?

I'd go poop on her pillow, but Santa is coming soon, and I need to hedge my bet a little.

She's sooooo lucky...

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