December 08, 2007

Hey, the Man got news about Snowball!

First, her name isn't Snowball anymore. Since their other cat is named Charlie, they renamed her Angel. Hahaha, Charlie's Angel. That's even better, because the Woman says she's as sweet as a little angel.

And she wasn't pregnant or full of worms...she had a poofy tummy because she's malnourished. So she's not getting her lady gardenectomy for a few more weeks, because the stabby guy wants to get her more nourished first. She had ear mites, though. And she woulda had fleas but the Woman squirted her neck with a little Die Flea Die stuff.

It sounds kinda odd, but the Woman was happy to hear that Angel was not going to have kitties but was just malnourished. She is just too little to have kittens, and knowing the poofy tummy was from not having gotten enough food makes her sure that she didn't give up looking for her family too soon. Now she's certain there was no family, that she really was a homeless kitty.

The Woman still misses her, though. She's been at her new home longer than she was in the rumbly bike room, but the Woman misses her anyway.

Don't worry, Buddah and I are still trying to make her feel better, in between bouts of getting yelled at for chewing on the Christmas tree...

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