December 10, 2007


  • Apparently, if the Woman has just cleaned the counter, she does not want a kitty to walk across it.
  • She should have said so before I jumped up there.
  • Apparently, too, if she has just cleaned out the litterbox, complete with sweeping of the floor, she does not want a kitty to immediately make use of the box.
  • Nor does she want the kitty to kick litter out of the box.
  • She should have mentioned that before I got in to do my bizzness.
  • If she would clean more often, we'd have a better grasp of the rules.
  • The first donation to was made...$250!
  • The Woman is getting lots of complimentary email from people about the book.
  • Most of them aren't even blogging kitty people!
  • One was from One Wandom Woofy owner, who says we're all very talented.
  • Yes, there will be another one next year.
  • Like, why the heck not?
  • The book is on sale at the online stores!
  • The Woman does not have any more copies here, so if you want one that would be your best bet.
  • Unless you want, like, 20 copies, and then she can order from the printer.
  • I am trying to not chew the Christmas tree.
  • Because it's plastic.
  • And because Santa might see me if I do.
  • If Santa brings me shrimp, do you think he'll leave it in my stocking or in the fridge?
  • The Woman just swept the floor, so I need to get over there and walk through the little dust pile before she can get to the dustpan.

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