June 07, 2015

It's a super soft version of me...

About a week ago the Woman posted this picture on Facebook...she had me put on a t-shirt--front and back--and it came out awesome.

A few people said they wanted one, too, so we're putting feelers out to see if people really want one or if it's just "oh hey, that's spiffy." Which is cool. But if you want one, we need to get an idea of how many people actually want one...because they're not cheap.

With having the shirt made, and then shipping, it's gonna cost about $50. That's a lot, I know. The upside is that the shirts are high quality and don't seem to fade at all--the Woman has like 60 shirts from this company and they're holding up really well. The downside to them is--and you can see it in the pits--is that because of the print process you get white lines in the armpits, but they don't show when you're wearing one.

Here are some possible shirts:
(ignore the arrows...it's a screen shot)

It takes about 6-7 weeks from the date of order to get the shirts in, and giving time for people to chime in and then order, you'd be looking at getting them toward the end of summer.

If you think there's a better than 50-50 chance you'll buy one, just leave a comment. Once we have a better idea how many people will want one, I'll get the Woman to create a way to order them, and she can do whatever she needs to.

Oh, and if you have an iPhone...you can custom order your own shirts with the SnapShirt app. It's pretty spiffy.

This is one the Woman made for herself using the artwork from one of her books. It came out way better than she hoped, and no one else in the world has one.

Clearly, the one with me on it is better...but I'm glad she got one she likes.


Unknown said...

I'd love to have one but no way can I afford that much for a shirt. Cool idea tho.

Mighty Kitty said...

I'm going to order! I want at least 4 and maybe more after I talk to a few friends. The second one is just precious and my favorite! I'm in on it.

Unknown said...

It would be great to have one but fifty bucks for a shirt is an awful lot. That's special occasion money.

Anonymous said...

$50 is actually a good price! The shirt is not cheap for good quality material. The printer is not going yo be cheap for obvious reasons. And then there is the postage! Well, letters, cards, and regular mail is $0.49 can you imagine the postage for multiple orders? Isn't Max worth the expense. He is 14 yrs old and, while he is in good shape, he won't be here for 80 more years in human years. Thanks for permitting me to sound off. But really, look at that face again and rethink it?