April 03, 2008

Yesterday was the Younger Human's birthday. He turned 25 and I was thinking Whoa..that's, like, OLD and I was going to creep up onto his bed while he was asleep and look for gray hair, but he never came home for it! I got him a present and a card, and he stayed out eating real live fresh dead cow and drinking beer with his friends. So I didn't get to look for gray hair, but I bet they're there, little gray hairlings waiting to burst forth.

He got his presents today. I got him a t-shirt that says "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye...and then it's 'Hey! Free Eyeball!'"

I thought it was funny.

And I got him a very nice card AND put money in it, but apparently it's RUDE to sign a birthday card with "Here's 3 bux, go buy me something."


Old people have no sense of humor.

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