April 27, 2008

We're working on the template tonight...if things look hosed up or hairy, it's because the Woman is trying to think, and her brain is not used to the activity.

Later: it's all centered in IE but not Firefox or SeaMonkey. And we can't figure out why some of the links in the blogroll are normal size with the rest being teeny tiny.

If stuff looks weird to you, please comment...let me know what browser you're using, too. I would appreciate it.

Later Later: I think we got any hiccups fixed, but we're still not sure about the whole layout and colors and stuff.

Some links still needed to be added, like a link to the WATK books, but we're going to make a whole new page for books, so that might take a day or so.

If you hate the new skin, feel free to say so. It will make the Woman cry, but...so?

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