August 25, 2007

The Woman is taking a break from hauling things, which means "sit down and pull out the laptop" and since today was an OHMYGOD day, I get to blog.

It started out ok. They took Buddah and me to the house and let us explore a little, which for Buddah meant find a closet to hide in. Then they put us in a room with a climbing tree and food and water and a litter box and my plastic tomb (this is very important in the OHMYGOD scheme) and closed the door so they could begin moving stuff. They left the door to the room with the rumbly bike open on both sides, and went about their business.

Well, they did not make sure the door to the room we were in was latched. And after a few minutes I checked, and sure enough, I could open it. So being the curious kitty that I am, I went to explore some more. I found this closet under the stairs and it was was cool. While I was in it I heard the People and meowed "Hey, look at this!" to them and the Woman laughed saying she could hear me through the vent.

So I did what any good kitty would do, I left the closet to say "Hey, guess what?" and thusly did the freaking out begin. They went tearing through the house looking for Buddah, and when they couldn't find him--like how many places can a kitty hide in a completely empty house?--they went up and down the street calling and looking. I could hear them from inside the empty house, so I sat halfway up the stairs and every time someone came in to look again, just to be sure, I meowed at them.

But they don't speak kitty.

Now, normally I would enjoy the freaking out of People. But the Woman was crying, and I mean the kind of crying where snot runs down a people's face, so I felt bad. They looked and looked and looked and could not find Buddah anywhere, and they kept coming back inside to be doubly sure, but he was gone.

After a while they took me out of the new house and put me in a room in the old house where they knew I'd be safe. The Woman made flyers for the neighborhood and put them up, and they didn't know what else to do. They offered money to anyone who would bring him home, and then they had to start moving things again, because they didn't know what else to do or where to look.

The Woman moved things and kept crying. The man and the Younger Human moved things, and I could watch them all out the window, and I kept meowing at them, but they were too sad to listen to me.

For three hours they moved and would look for him while they were outside, and eventualy the Woman sat down in the front grass and just watched, I think hoping she would see him if she was still. The Man took more things to the new house, and after those three hours went by I heard him shout I FOUND HIM!!!!

I was watching from the window, and I tell you what, I have never seen a fat woman move so fast. Pretty soon they came back to the house with Buddah (who got all pissy because his bookcases were missing) and then gave us treats. They closed the doors so no one could escape, and sat down to get their crap together. The Woman stopped crying but the Man said he kinda wanted to just throw up now.

Now, they got all bent, but if they would have listened to me none of this would have happened, because I sat on those damned stairs, and then I hollered from the room I was locked in he's being a sissy and he's hiding under the plastic tomb!

So for right now we're staying in the old house. They're being careful by just taking things they want to move and setting them in the living room, and when they're ready to haul we get locked in the downstairs bedroom, but not for too long. I don't know when we're going back over there, but you can be sure that one of us (not me) is going to be a giant baby about it again.

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