August 31, 2007

Well now. Evidently, if you turn your nose up at the offered Stinky Goodness several days in a row, and the only way the People can get you to eat it is if they sprinkle crunchy food on top of it, and then you don't finish it, one morning you wake up all hungry and ready to devour a whole can of Stinky Beefy Goodness or Stinky Fishy Goodness, and the only thing the Woman will do is point to the crunchy food dish and say "That's it. If you're hungry, eat that."

Don't they know we were only trying to be difficult because you're supposed to be difficult during the M-word implementation? Don't they care that Buddah cried when there was no Stinky Goodness this morning?

I think they're serious about it. I heard the Woman tell the Man that they were almost out of Stinky Goodness anyway, so if we weren't going to eat it she was just going to let us have the crunchy food we seemed to want.

But...but...doesn't she understand that just because we don't eat it that does mean we don't WANT it??? WE WANT OUR STINKY GOODNESS. We just want it with crunchy food on top. And we only ate half so we could save it for later but nooooo, SOMEONE threw it out before we could go back.

They hate me , I know they do.

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