August 05, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can fly.

I did it yesterday, to the amazement of my People.

I Laser You With My Eyes!See that tallest bookcase?

I jumped from the end of it closest to where I'm sitting in this picture.

Max Goes Up HighAnd I flew right into this wall thingy I'm sitting on in this picture.

Chest first, even.

I then did a 360 degree flip in the air, and landed on my feet with a wonderous TaDa!

My People were impressed. The Woman shouted with glee (ok, she shouted OHYMGOD! or HOLYS**T!, I don't remember which, but the Man was on the phone with The Grandma, so she probably overheard and could tell you what the Woman said...) The Man scrambled down the stairs, and they picked me up and gave me skritches all over my body for my amazing feat (ok, they were checking for broken bones. Let's not quibble over semantics.)

Truly, I am amazing.

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