August 30, 2007

Apparently, I'm the only one who thinks it's funny to sit at the top of the stairs and not let Buddah get past so he can go downstairs. I was just amusing myself, but the Woman heard me growl at him so she came to see what was going on, and told me I wasn't being nice and I HAD to let him go downstairs.

Well, no I did not HAVE to let him go downstairs, so when he tried again I growled again. So then she picked him up and put him on the stairs past me.

And then, apparently I'm the only one who thinks it's funny to put my ears back and hiss and slap at the Woman's arms with my paw. She shook that finger in my face and told me to stop it, so I hit her again, and I really did think it was funny, but she stood up and walked away from me.

Sheesh, it's not like I bit her.

I'm not sure about the new house yet. The first couple of days it was so hot in here I thought someone was cooking kitties for dinner, and I heard the Man say it was 98 degrees INSIDE. I was uncomfortable and I didnt want to be ncomfortable, so I followed the Woman around whenever she was around and said "I'm hot. Fix it." And it only took saying it about 2 million times before the cold air blowing thingy started blowing cold air.

And there's no place to stretch out on he floor yet. Honestly, this place looks like it ate all our stuff too fast, and then threw up. I'll be glad when the People have everything out away.

Oh, and Buddah was not a sissy boy when the People brought us back to the new house. They had a bunch of stuff in here, and he was so busy exploring all the stuff that he forgot to be scared. He's upset because there's no way to get to the really high place on the wall like he could in the other house, but the Man said the lady who owns the house said it was ok to put something on the wall that would make it easy for both of us to get up there if we want.

The People look very tired, but I think they're done moving stuff so they should be all perky tomorrow. They better be. I'm tired of punky looking people.

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