December 25, 2004

I got presents! Santa brought me TWO things of crunchy treats. TWO of them! My favorite kinds! And the People gave me this ball that they can put crunchy treats in; if I roll it just right, the treats come out. It's kinda mean and kinda fun at the same time.

But I think best of all, there were boxes and paper and bags to play with.

They already got rid of the paper, but they left a lot of boxes for me to play with tonight. I think I'll do that after they go to bed.

And there was TURKEY! And SHRIMP!!! No kidding, I got my two favorite things to eat in the whole world today. The People taste tested it for me, to make sure it was good enough, so I waited very patiently on the kitchen floor, curled up on the little red rug in there. The Woman even said I was being very, very good. Which, if you think about it, was pretty spiffy of me, considering Santa had already come. I didnt get just a little taste, either. I got so much that I was really sleepy afterwards, and had to take a nap.

The Younger Human was here today, too. I think he took some of the turkey home with him, but the Woman said there was more and I would get some tomorrow.

Really, I'm still so full that I haven't even had my Stinky Goodness tonight, and I don't care.

This was just an awesome day!

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