December 07, 2004

Do the People think I'm stupid? Last night, after I'd plopped down on top of the Woman's legs for the twentieth or thirtieth time, she mumbled something about putting me outside.

Really now.
Sure she will.
And King Tut is going to spring to life and give us all a million bucks in pure gold.

This is the Woman who went tearing through the house, looking for me, on the off chance that I got outside because she caught a glimpse of a cat that sort of resembled me. Like she's really going to open the door and shove me outside. Where it's cold. And raining.

Not without my plastic tomb, she's not.
Or without a big fuzzy blanket, because I'm sure it's freezing out there.

Oh, I got off the bed for a while, but not because I thought she would really do it.
I had to pee.
That was why.

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