November 23, 2004

Some days are just awesome. Today I woke up, and the Man fed me right off the bat, then the Woman got up and made the giant bed up so I could nap on the fuzzy blanket. They went somewhere for a while, and when they came back they brought two people with them.

Now, at first I was a little upset, because no one warned me there would be strange people, but after a bit I realized they smelled familiar. The man they brought looks a lot like the Man, just a little older and quite a bit cuter. They were both nice to me, paid proper homage by petting me a little and then leaving me alone, so they can come back.

Later, when my tummy was growling so hard I thought I was about to turn inside out, and the People kept saying "You have two hours, Max. Dinner isn't for two hours." But then the Woman said, "Phkit, he had the gravy stuff this morning and he's probably starving."

So she fed me!
AND she says I'll get a little more tonight.

It is so awesome to be me most of the time.
What else could a cat want?
I have trained People!

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