November 25, 2004

The People left me alone all freaking day today. After daintily munching my Stinky Goodness this morning, the Younger Human came over, and they all left together. This didn't bother me too much, since it was nap time and I fully intended to nap as deeply as I possibly could, but when I woke up they were still gone.

There was more Stinky Goodness in the kitchen, but no People. So I ate it, bathed, and went back to bed, but when I woke up, still no People.

Dinner time came and went, and still they were not home. If not for the Magical Stinky Goodness Fairy, I would have starved to death before they managed to drag their sorry asses back from where ever they went.

They finally showed up three and a half damned hours after my dinner time-and they smelled like DOG. Not just that, but turkey, too.

I can get over the injustice of them whoring around with some dog for a little while-been there, done that-but they had TURKEY.


Oh, they offered me more Stinky Goodness and a bite of ham, but I showed them. I only ate the Stinky Goodness, and left the ham on the kitchen floor, so that one of them might step onto it with their bare feet.

I wish I had a hairball brewing, so I could hock it up into someone's brand new shoes.

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