October 22, 2004

Ok, boys and girls, this is the true definition of "Moving." :

First, you will be locked in a bathroom, during which time everything you own and love will disappear.

Then, you will spend 2 days in an empty house, your meows echoing off the walls. Just when you think maybe your people just went broke and had to sell it all, they shove you in this tomb and then into the car, where you will spend the next 4 days, all freaking day long, with nightly breaks to stay in strange and awful-smelling rooms.

If you're lucky, at the end of the 4 days you get to stay in one of those rooms for more than one night, and your Younger Human will show up. But then you'll be tossed back into the tomb and the car and taken to another strange new place. It's bigger, but it's still different. And no stuff.

After 3 or 4 days of that, you'll start to relax. Once you relax they grab you and throw you into another bathroom for an entire day. It'll be hot in that bathroom, so you have to howl a lot to make sure they know you're pissed about it. But when you come out--Boxes and Boxes and Boxes, all there to jump on and climb on, and most of it smells like your stuff, even though you can't see your stuff. Your stuff will be somewhere in those boxes, and you just have to get really bitchy about it, complaining until the People rescue it all for you.

But that's moving.
I don't recommend it.

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