October 07, 2004

Luckily, there were no strange people in my house today, but all my stuff is still in boxes, and they taped the boxes shut so that I can't get to any of it. And my People don't seem to grasp that...it's MY stuff! I want it!

The one good thing about all those boxes is that there's something to jump around on, and I'm not even getting yelled at for it. I jumped up and the hopped over on top the the big stand they have their TV on, and no one got mad. I took up all of the sace on the Woman's chair, and she didn't make me move, she sat on the footstool instead.

The Woman took me outside in the new plastic tomb today, too. I hate to admit it, I kind of liked being out there. It was breezy and there were birds (but they didn't come too close) and the Peoples' friends came outside, but didn't pester me. Even the Sticky Little ones were tolerable. One of the littlest little ones called me "KiKi." I don't know who KiKi is, but she was cute, so it's okay. She didn't cream at me or stick her fingers in to poke at me, so I suppse she can call me anything she wants.

But I want my stuff back. I think my kitty crack is in one of those boxes.

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