October 11, 2004

Oh of all things holy and furry… You are NOT going to believe the crap I’ve gone through the last few days.

Okay, you know it started with my People letting total strangers in the house, then when I was locked in the bathroom we were robbed. Everything was gone, and I mean everything. The house was so empty that my sweet little voice echoed off the walls like a toddler screaming. Really. It was that empty.

So over the last couple of days the Woman started cleaning. Like, why couldn’t she do that when the stuff was there? Really…everything we owned was gone, so why bother? Who cares if the house is clean now? Yesterday I was so fed up I hid up on top of the refrigerator, at one point prompting the Woman to run through the house squealing “I can’t find the cat! I can’t find the cat!”

Heh. Remember that boys and girls. It’s totally worth seeing the look and hearing the squeal in their pathetic little voices.

But then they left me alone for most of the day, in that empty house. All my toys were gone, my bed was gone…all I had was a tiny little bit of food and a litter box. After a few hours of this I looked out and could finally see them outside the window, with all those other People, and they were freaking playing with fire. Don’t they know that’s just wrong?

But…it gets worse.

After they’re done playing with fire, they scooped my up, shoved me into the plastic tomb—which was in their car—and took me to a strange new place. My bed was there, and my food, but none of my other stuff. We stayed there for one night, then back into the tomb I went… for whole damned day!

I kid you not! We made a quick stop home—the house was still empty—and my People stood in the yard hugging all the other people (yeah, gag me)…and then we left.


So now we’re in another strange room (have to admit it’s nice than the last one) and they let me out of the tomb, but I think I can kiss off ever seeing my stuff again.

This is so poop on the pillow worthy…

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