November 14, 2007


We have a book! The proof copy got here a little while ago and it looks very spiffy! And you might recognize the handsome cover model, Ko Ko Schumacher of The Fluffy Tribe. Yes, I can admit he's handsome...girl kitties want him, boy kitties want to be him, and he's gracing the cover of We Are The Kitties ...And We Writed You This Book.

By tomorrow there will be a web page up where you can order advanced copies; it should be up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble within 2-3 weeks. The Woman will go ahead and place an order with the printer for 25 copies tonight so that she'll have them within 10 days for getting in the mail.

It's a little longer than the last book, but the same price ($12.95 + shipping) so the profit margin will be slimmer, but whatever profits there are will be donated to -- they help people who have stabby place bills, and I think a lot of us understand how hard paying those bills can be. They don't give the money to the people, but they pay the bill directly to the vet, so there's no worrying about someone who doesn't really need it getting the money.

Mucho thanks to Ko Ko and Merlin's Mom Jane for allowing Ko Ko to be on the cover!

Hey, it's later, and I was just at Skeezix's blog...Mr. Tasty Face is having some heart problems, so we need to send all the purrs and mojo and prayers we can for him. Go over and give him your best wishes, ok?

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