December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

This is what you get when you try to thank a people for a Merry Chrstmas. They grab you and get all huggy and chit.

Santa was really nice to us; he got Buddah another one of those sproingy toys (so now *I* don't have to buy it for him!) and this really odd box with a bunch of holes. There are balls on the inside and the idea is to try to get the balls out, but they roll away pretty easy so it takes a lot of work. Buddah thinks it's perfect and he can't wait to drop his toy mousies in it.

And oh man, we got some toy mousies that look real. Real enough that someday the Woman is going to forget about them and we'll drop one in her lap and freak her out. I can't wait for that...even if it's a month from now, it'll totally make my Christmas.

The Woman didn't cook again ths year; they went out again but this time she didn't bring us back anything. I would go poop on her pillow for that, but she did open a can for us as soon as they got home, and she promised a crunchy treat for later.

There are pictures of our Christmas on our Flickr thingy, if you want to see them. There's one picture there of Buddah playing with this new feather, he got some serious air there! And there aren't too many of me, but I was trying to let him play because he was so excited he would have peed all over the place if he had to wait his turn. I figure that will score me some crunchy treat points. I'm no fool.

I hope everyone else had a fun day, too!

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