December 06, 2006


Heh heh.

The Woman lets Buddah play with the giant packs of toilet paper; he likes to jump on them and poke a hole in the plastic on top and stick his paws in, and sometimes he drops a mousie in the hole so he can play at getting it out. But I don't think she counted on him playing so hard that he pushed the whole pack out of the giant litterbox room and into the hallway. And she certainly didn't notice it before she went in there and shut the door a little while ago.

I'm thinking that after hearing her saying really bad words through the door, that she realized it after the door was closed and there was no People there to get it for her.

Just Buddah and me, and we weren't helping.

I don't think Santa will count that against us. If he saw, he was laughing his a$$ off...

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