October 17, 2005

The Woman did not make the computer available to me yesterday; every time I thought about wanting to use it the top was closed and she was alseep. Right in the middle of the freaking day! Just snoozing the day away. I tried asking a few times, but she was so far off in LaLa land there was no getting through to her.

I'm not surprised. She was up most of the night before, making gross and disturbing bodily noises. At one point I poked my head up out of the tub (yes, was I sleeping there. What about it?) and asked "What the hell was that?" If that had been me, she would have whisked me off to the stabby place first thing in the morning. But does she go to the stabby place herself?

Hell no, that would make sense. She just stayed in bed all day, alternating between watching bad TV and sleeping. Buddah and I both jumped up on the bed to see if she was still breathing; since he wiped his butt across her sheets and she had to get up to stick them in the washing maching, we were satisfied she wasn't going to die on us.

That would have been bad. Who would open the cans of Stinky Goodness when the Man is off passing gas???

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The Fluffy Tribe said...

You would definately starve so I guess you and Buddah better keep an eye on the woman ~Merlin, Shadow, ko Ko