February 01, 2017


A couple of weeks ago we got a bunch of rain and some pretty wicked wind, and it knocked down the fence between our yard and one of the neighbors.

That looks wonky because it's 2 pictures combined...badly
The people said that was expected at some point and had even talked to the neighbors once before about replacing it, but all they did was talk because it was still standing, so why the heck worry about it?

But then the wind came and this happened.

So Monday and Tuesday, some guys with giant saws and guns that shoot nails or screws or whatever came, made a lot of noise, and RUINED my naps. I'm not sure how they expected me to rest with all that racket going on, but the Woman assured me it would be worth it because they were using metal fence posts and actually cementing the posts into place. The old fence was just jammed into the ground.

I don't care. It disturbed my sleeping.

The people think the end result was worth it, even though the Woman was all, damn that's spendy for a fence.

Again, combined image wonkiness...
There are 2 other neighbors on that side and sooner or later the same thing will happen...the fence will fall over and need replacing, but they're pretty sure only 1 of those neighbors will be willing to pay for their half. The other one, maybe not. Hard to say since we don't really know them, but the last time the Man brought it up the dood was like, I'm a contractor, I'll just keep fixing it. And so far it hasn't fallen, so okay.

What REALLY disturbed me? I heard the Man say that now that the fence closer to our house is fixed, if for some reason That Damned Dog Butters and his sister Lady come over, they won't worry about them getting out of the back yard.

There in the corner.
I'd worry more about Buddah eating them, to be honest.


Angel Prancer Pie said...

Those fences are spendy things and it makes our Mom use bad words, but you probably wouldn't know anything about that...
The new fence looks good though!
Have a great Thursday, furriends.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

THe fence looks good.