November 25, 2016

Because of an Oops...

...the second book in the Wick Chronicles is available for purchase. The Woman was supposed to click on "I approve the e-proof but don't want this released until I get the hard copy" but instead she clicked "Yay! It's pretty! Sell it!" so the distributor sent it out into the world. She's not worried about it because this one went through formatting and the printer without any hiccups, but she's also not ordering any copies for pawtographing until she gets a copy in hand. can get a hardback or a Kindle copy now. Paperback will be another week or so.

We really weren't expecting this to be out until around the 15th of December, so we're pretty happy that the editor was able to get her stuff done and the formatting went through faster than we thought it would. Having it out now gives a buffer for people who wanted it for Christmas (a couple people asked me about getting both books as a set for Christmas...we can do that, I think, but you need to let me know ASAP so both books can be set aside for you.)

We're working on the 3rd -- and potentially 4th -- books now. I say that because we may have to split the story, because one part of it might be a little too adult for the Wick series. Not, like, Fifty Shades kind of adult, but more adult than Emperor and Ozoo. Ha. Fifty Shades of Wick.

Too bad he's neutered.

In any case, the third won't be out as quickly as the second. The holidays are going to mean fewer days of writing, and the People are celebrating their 35th anniversary next month, so that gets in the way, and then there's the Doctor Who Christmas Special which I will have to watch 23 times.

Oh! I wonder when the People will put up my Whovimas tree. Once I have that, and a fire in the fireplace, life is gonna be goooood.

Oh!! December also means they're gonna go toy shopping! I hope we fill the back of the CX-5. It's not Christmas if we don't fill the car.

Oh!!! I just felt like there should be an Oh with 3 exclamation points.


Summer said...

You are so productive, especially compared to MY human. She needs to take a lesson from you and your human, Max!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We are sending Mom out to buy the Kindle version of both books!

Devaah said...

I've got mine! Can't wait to read it!

Mighty Kitty said...

Got mine on Kindle and it is just wonderful! Mr. Awesome, you are amazing and I love this book! ❤

Mighty Kitty said...

Got mine on Kindle and it is just wonderful! Mr. Awesome, you are amazing and I love this book! ❤

Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

The books sound good. We are expecting TBT to order at least one. We need his help. We can read, but we cant hold the pages open very well, so he has to read books TO us.

We agree that "Oh" needs several explanation, er exclamation points.

TBT is promising to clean the basement enough so that we can have a fire in the fireplace Christmas and New Years eves. Thats about all the wood we have. He says he will even put down a carpet so we aren't sitting on the cold basement floor while we enjoy them.