September 06, 2007

Oh man. Ohhhhhhh man. Oh man Oh man Oh man.

Tonight, after the People had dinner, Buddah and I heard the distinct sound of the plates upon which Stinky Goodness are heaped being taken out of the cupboard, so we ran to the kitchen with hope held high, just like our tails, which were all atwitter thinking we were going to finally get some REAL food.

But there were no cans out, and the Woman didn't move towards the place where I know she's hiding them.



She had this container full of chicken that they had for dinner the other night, and she said they weren't going to eat any of it, so before it got thrown out because the people who seem to love trash are coming to pick ours up tomorrow, she thought we would each like to have a bite.

And then


She cut up A WHOLE BUNCH of chicken and put it on plates for us. AND THEN BUDDAH WOULDN'T EAT IT! He sniffed at it and then jumped up on the refrigerator. I know he doesn't usually like chicken but it's been so long since we had decent food...

Anyway, she put that plate down on the floor and I started to eat, and i wanted to scarf it down but I thought I should go slow, because who knows when we'll get anything that good again, so I took my time--and when I was done she gave me part of Buddah's!

I was STUFFED when I was done.

And don't feel bad for Buddah. The Woman said "Oh, sweetie," =GAG= "I know you don't like chicken." So she opened a bag of crunchy treats and gave him a bunch, right there on top of the fridge.

So Buddah was happy, I was ECSTATIC, and the Woman feels like she did a good thing by letting someone have some chicken before it got tossed out.

Now that we don't get Stinky Goodness (and dammit, I have ENERGY now! She says I feel a little lighter, and she caught me running earlier) I'm hoping the sound of those plates means TREAT TIME.

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