June 21, 2007

No one really felt like doing anything for my birthday yesterday, not even me. I kind of forgot about it until the People came home from riding their rumbly bikes today and they had shrimp for me! Buddah let me have his, so I got 4 whole live fresh dead shrimps! And there's more in the freezer!

The People are seriously bummed about the M-word. When we moved in here the Property Manager Guy told the I Own The House Guy that we'd had a house sold out from under us, and didn't want to make us sign the You Will Pay paper if he was gonna sell it in a year. He said he wasn't. So the People signed.

Then about 6 weeks ago the Woman saw the I Own The House Guy outside taking pictures. The only thing she could think of was him taking them for the I'll Sell Your House Person to show online. So the Man called the Property Manager Guy, who called the I Own The House Guy, and he said "No, I'm not thinking about selling. They can stay."

And then he calls and says Get Out, I Want To Sell. The Property Manager Guy says the I Own The House Guy just plain lied when he asked a few weeks ago. So now we have to implement the M-word.

Cross your paws, though, because we might be able to just m-word right next door. A different I'll Sell Your House Lady is living there for just a few weeks and then it'll be for rent, and we'd all rather m-word there than move far away. Plus, it has a pool, and the Woman wants the pool.

I just want to live somewhere for a while. I am six years old and have lived through the M-word 5 times, not including leaving my first home for my forever home. This will make it 6 times. Only one time was the People's actual fault, so I can't even really be mad at them.

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