May 09, 2007

Luxor tagged me for Seven Random Facts About Me! So here they are:

1. I like to sit on the Woman's lap, but I rarely sit on anyone else. She doesn't realize it yet, but she loves this about me.

2. If I had not gotten so sick right after Buddah came to live with us, I would probably like him more. I was really curious about him until I started feeling so bad, and since then I just think he's a pain. I would be happy if I was the only cat, but I'd probably also miss him for a little bit if he vanished.

3. I can turn lights on and off. Because of this, the People made sure there was nothing for me to jump on so I could get close to light switches in the new house.

4. I really do punch the Woman in the eye when she's sleeping sometimes. It works; she wakes up.

5. A couple of weeks ago I developed some acne on my chin, and it left a tiny bald spot.

6. I do not like loud noises and I will run from them; the People think this means I'm chicken, but I think it means I'm smart enough to know that loud might mean dangerous.

7. One time a lady emailed me and said she wanted to take me from my People because they obviously don't treat me very well. I think she was kidding. I hope she was kidding. Because if she did that, I would totally have to poop on her pillow and treat many things of hers to a toothy death.

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