May 20, 2007

Last night the Woman did not sleep well--it was not my fault, I swear, and it wasn't even Buddah's--so when the Man got home from passing gas this morning she grumpily asked him to go ahead and feed us so that we would let her go back to sleep. We got breakfast like two hours early! And then she didn't ecven stay in bed more than half an hour later than she usually does, but I'm not complaining. Well, I could complain that we got hungry early tonight and she didn't give us dinner two hours early, only half an hour early. But I won't. Because I'm so thoughtful that way.

The Feline Sextet tagged me for a mememememe:

Time of Day:Huh. What? Time of Day for what? To eat? To sleep? To rule the world? I need all day for those things!

Day of the week:I like to be around for every day of the week.

Season of the year: Whatever time of year gets me presents.

Holiday: Christmas!

Beaches: Hmmm...the Woman can be a real beach...

Song: My very own Songs At 3 a.m.

Flower: the kind used to make pizza crust. Self rising, I think.

Talk show: I show can talk, especially at 3 a.m.

Movie: that sounds too much like the "M" word, and I refuse to discuss that.

Soaps: I hate soap. Soap = people bath and I don't want one.

Beverage: All I drink is water, though I would like a taste of beer.

Fruit: Buddah is my favorite fruit.

Snack: People food, if it's chicken or beef or steak, but expecially SHRIMP.

Food: Stinky Goodness! What else is there?

Restaurant: KFC. Chickeny goodness. Oh yeah.

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