August 27, 2006

Man...instead if hiding my chunks in my food, the People have started shoving them down my throat again. Just because I tasted the beefy Stinky Goodness the other night and refused to eat it. I relly don't want their dirty fingers in my mouth... I've seen what those people scratch and I would prefer they keep away from my lips and tongue, thankeweveddymuch.

The Woman says they don't want to ruin the taste of my Stinky Goodness since I don't get as much of it anymore. Yeah, right, like what I like was a consideration...I'm not stupid, they just didn't want to risk me not eating it.

She's also happy because it doesn't seem like I'm gaining weight on the dry crunchy food. Hello...? Could it be because it's healthy weight control crunchy food?

I still haven't told them I like it. Why should I make them feel good about taking away some Stinky Goodness???

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