January 01, 2005

Ok, the Woman has been looking and looking and looking and looking for the "real" name of my Supreme Commander Kitty Tower because some people want to know what it really is so they can get it for their kitties. This is a good thing, because every cat needs one.

Today the Man moved it from her office, where it was just no fun to play with, to the living room, where it will be. And the Woman looked all over it and got information off the back of it, and then found it at a website here. You can also Goolge "Kitty Kat Tower" (use the quotes) to find mre web sites (but most of them seem to be in the U.K.)

There was more info on the back. All it said was this:

Kitty Kat Tower (on a sticker) and not on the sticker was:

P.O. Box 1246
Arlington TX 76004-1246


Sometimes she sees the Kitty Tower at Petco, but she bought mine at an independent pet store 3 years ago. And from Googling she thinks the manufacturer might be DOSKOCIL, but she's not positive.

Now. Go buy one for your kitty. Because we need them.

Edit to add: more Googling reveals the manufacturer is indeed Doskocil, and they have a website at petmate.com but they only have the Kitty Kat Tower Jr on their page...

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