February 13, 2004

It’s not fair. I got to the comfy chair first, and what do you do? You pick me up and stick me on your lap. If I wanted to be on your lap, I’d climb up there myself. But I’m flexible, so I wander into the other room and curl up in the desk chair. I get nice and comfortable, and almost asleep, and what do you do?

You freaking come in there, pick me up and take me back to the other chair, so you can sit at the desk!

And you do the same damn thing at least twice more in one evening!
Make up your fricking mind!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so you actually moved me from one chair to another nice one, when you could have just dumped me on the floor…but Lady, you could have just let me sleep! You only moved me ’cause you’re afraid I’ll leave you a present on your pillow.

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