November 03, 2015

A request...

All right, doods, I'm sorry I have blogged much lately, and I really didn't think I would pop back on here to ask you for something, but here I am...

You know the Woman gets really involved in the boobie walks, right? She didn't get to this year because of reasons, but her team walked in Philadelphia last month, and one of her team mates found out a donation she counted on fell through. If she doesn't get enough donations to cover it by tomorrow, she has to cough it up. And doods...the last 2 weeks have been so freaking hard for her and her family (deaths in the family, please also offer up Mojo for them) so some love from my friends would go a long way in helping.

Right now she's shy a little under $150.

Her fundraising page is here, just click.

Here's some incentive: I have ONE custom me-t-shirt in a size XL. For every $10 donated from now until, say, noon Pacific Time, it's an entry to win the shirt.

Never been worn, doods!
After you donate, email me at with the subject title "I donated" and in the body of the email tell me how many entries you sure to leave a name in the recognition field on the donation form so I can go admire it...and tell me the name you used.

Mucho thanks, doods. This is wicked important to the Woman.

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