January 28, 2006

I get email sometimes. And a lot of that email is kitties asking questions. Like I'm Dear Abby or something. So I got to thinking, since I'm working on another book (I am!) it might be fun to have a whole chapter on Questions For PsychoKitty. And you get to help!

Ask me anything. Either email me or ask the question in the comments. I won't answer them here...but chances are very good your question will wind up in my book and you'll be famous!

Asking a question in the comments constitutes legal permission for me to print the question in my next book, ok? So you have to be 18 or have someone who is 18 or older to ask.

Kinds of questions can be looking for advice, wanting to know something about me, or asking about People (because we know they need lots of explaining.) I have to be able to answer them in a no worse than a PG-13 kind of way, too...

:::sits back and waits:::

And thank you for your help.

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