September 04, 2004

I'm trying to figure out the point of the Woman's recent flurry of activity. There used to be all these boxes in my private little litter box room, and since they didn't keep me from what I needed to do in there, I didn't mind them. But now she's taking the boxes out, to another room, where she picks through them, as if she doesn't know what's in there.

Hello? Does she not remember that she's the one who put that stuff in those boxes?

It's harmless enough, and it keeps her occupied so that she's not bugging me, but she's not leaving any boxes empty for me! I don't ask for much, and I did notice the other day that my see-through box seems to be why won't she leave just one of those boxes empty for me? And what is so freaking important about looking in them anyway? If she'd listen I could tell her--nothing important. If there were food in any of them, it'd be bad by now anyway.

I dunno...this just doesn't seem like it's a good thing, at least not for me.

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