August 19, 2004

Hmmm. Yeah. Long time between updates, I know. But it’s not my fault. Every time I try to get near the computer, I can get onto my website. The Woman says it’s because of our eyeesspee, and says it sucks so much that the moon has probably altered its orbit. Whatever that means. I just couldn’t get to it.

So I’ve been looking out the window a lot. The other day another one of those big ass trucks showed up, and with it came new people. New sticky little people. I think they’re here to replace a couple other sticky little people who seem to have gone missing. I kind of liked one of the missing ones; she was very small but could say my name and didn’t make any obnoxious shrieking sounds at me. She’s one of the ones whom I allowed brief touching of my fur; she was very respectful and quiet and did not pull anything that should not be pulled.

But these new ones…I don’t know about them. I haven’t seen a whole lot and they so far have not played in front of my window, so we’ll see.

The Woman says not to worry because we won’t be here long enough for me to worry about them

Well hell.

I think I need to worry about THAT.

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