March 10, 2004

Okay. For the last week or so, the Man has gotten up at a reasonable hour to feed me. I’ve enjoyed it, to be honest, getting fed before my stomach is rumbling so loud it wakes the birds outside.

This morning he got up especially early and left. He went back to work! So right around the time I was getting hungry, the only Human left in the house was still asleep. I was not happy. Not at all. It was nice to not have to work to get someone up and get them downstairs, and I would have appreciated notice that I was going to have to fall back on old routines in order to get the food out of the freaking can and onto the plate.

I was nice, I didn’t head butt her, not until I heard the birds outside, mocking me. And when that didn’t work, I crawled onto her chest and stuck my nose up hers. And when that didn’t work, I knocked her glasses off the night stand.

Let me tell you, she hates that. But it works. She gets all pissy on me and makes me get off the bed, but she gets up. Usually the getting up is accompanied by all this muttering and swearing, and threats of locking me in a bathroom, but she doesn’t mean it. After all, if she were really mad, she wouldn’t get up. She’s toss me across the room, and she hasn’t done that.


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