Yesterday they were late with my dinner. Really late. The Woman went somewhere in the early afternoon and she didn't come home in time. I had to wait for the Man to get home. He fed me, but then he left! Like I didn't have anything to say to him after I was done eating.

Let me tell you, I had plenty to say and no one to say it to. It was bad enough that I was made to go hungry for an entire half hour longer than I should, but it was not warm enough in here while the People were gone, so my fur got a little bit cold. And I felt like singing, but there was no one to listen, so what's the point?

Look, I don't mind them being gone once in a while, like when I'm napping, but they need to be here when I'm awake. I might need something. Or just want to talk. People never want to talk, not unless you're busy doing something else. Like pooping.

Why is it they pick then to walk into the bathroom? And why do they stay, and keep talking? Do they not see that I'm BUSY? And not in a particularly conversational mood at the moment?

People, if you want to talk, stick around after I have dinner. I'll go to the litterbox, and then come back out and tell you everything I want to say.

Like, turn up the freaking heat.
And be home on time.
And buy me more crunchy treats. I think we're running low.

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